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Play your wii @ 1080p

- Support HDTV (HDMI) and PC Monitor (DVI).- HDMI-Audio and Analog audio out.- Various HDTV video out.- Native resolution for LCD monitor.

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World first Wii dedicated upscaler

- No external power required.- Easy to setup.- LED status indication.

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VD-P3 PS3 VGA cable VD-P3 PS3 VGA cable US$39.90 VD-W2 Wii VGA cable VD-W2 Wii VGA cable US$39.90 VD-W3 Wii HDMI Upscaler Processor VD-W3 Wii HDMI Upscaler Processor US$59.00

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VD-W3 in Game on 2.0 Tasmania Exhibition


VD-W3 Wii HDMI upscaler processor is selected to deploy for Wii games demostration iin Game On 2.0 Tasmania Exhibition (Australia), below are links and and screenshots about this exhibition.

GameOn 2.0 exhibition


Read more: VD-W3 in Game on 2.0 Tasmania Exhibition


Mario Galaxy 2 1080i and 720p video capture by vd-w3


Mario Galaxy 2 1080i HDMI video capture by vd-w3

 Mario Galaxy 2 720p HDMI video capture by vd-w3




Response to the Market about VD-W3


First of all, we saw that there is a lot of peoples to discuss about our product vd-w3, and many peoples think that our product may not worth at that price, actually, for the review, we do have some comments on it, the comparison, the photos, only test on HDTV, no test on DVI monitor, etc, however, we respect the reviewer points of view, and we also want to get more feedbacks from the wii market.

Indeed, vd-w3 is a upscaler, but may be peoples over expecting it can do something’s like rendering, the truth is that vd-w3 will upscale the Wii 480p signals, it can independently scale SD images horizontally and vertically to achieve a quality picture for video display up to 1080p resolutions; it provide an HDMI connection, which is an alternatives to AV or component connections, nonetheless, on those bigger size monitors, you may enjoy the use of VD-W3 as we can connect though DVI with audio source output, and the outcome result is much more obvious as they don’t have any built in upscale function. For vd-w3, we are confident that the product should work well as a upscaler, we are no doubt for its quality, in order to reflect the actual customer point of interest, we know that the price matter is the most important thing. For quick response to the market, we are going to do suitable price adjustment in order to reflect the Wii market need. We always here to listen to all of you in order to provide good product and good service.

For those customers already ordered vd-w3 at the “release” price, once we do the price adjustment, we will refund the extra to you, we hope that all will enjoy our product with pleasure.

For any enquiry, please don’t hesitate to email to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , we will try our best to help and answer you. Many thanks.


Comparison between 480p and 1080i (after upscaled)


Here we have some screenshots comparison for 480p and 1080i (after upscaled)

We use AverMedia Capture HD capture card, directly capture from the vd-w3 HDMI output, this provide the best pictures on how it should be look like. For this capture card, it only allow us to capture up to 1080i, so, we cannot capture 1080p picture for your reference.

Super Mario Galaxy

Left hand side is 480p and Right hand side is 1080i, Click for the below pictures to display the bigger image (~500KB to 1MB in each file size, longer download time may needed)

click for bigger image size (~1.5mb file size) click for bigger image size (~1.5mb file size)

click for bigger image size (~1.5mb file size) click for bigger image size (~1.5mb file size)

click for bigger image size (~1.5mb file size) click for bigger image size (~1.5mb file size)

click for bigger image size (~1.5mb file size) click for bigger image size (~1.5mb file size)