VD-W3 Wii HDMI Upscaler Processor VD-W3 Wii HDMI Upscaler Processor US$59.00
VD-P3 PS3 VGA cable VD-P3 PS3 VGA cable US$39.90
VD-W2 Wii VGA cable VD-W2 Wii VGA cable US$39.90

VD-W2 Wii VGA cable

VD-W2 Wii VGA cable


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  • Easy to setup and use
  • Compatible with NTSC/PAL version Wii console, *backward compatible with Gamecube 480p supported games
  • Provide high quality VGA output
  • Clear crystal image quality
  • No external power needed
  • #Support wide range of CRT/LCD monitors
  1. *vd-w2 can only be connect to Wii console, it can't connect to gamecube console, however, gamecube 480p games can run on Wii console
  2. #only Wii 480p games can be display though vd-w2 on monitors, most monitors do not support non 480p signals.

Customer Reviews:

superbean3@hotmail.co.uk  (Wednesday, 29 September 2010)
Rating: 5
Hey everyone! i got this on time which is great, a lot of companions from asia are known to be late.rnrnOnce i got it it is very easy set up, however
make sure that your wii is set to HDTV/EDTV if you plan on having no television at all. I almost had this problem but i borrowed a flatmates
television!rnrnThe graphics are smooth and not jerky at all, and the sound is nice.rnrnAlso make sure that if you plug this into your standard VGA
monitor that you have the gender changer, which can be provided as an add on with the product.rnrnrn

inzo_464@hotmail.com  (Friday, 26 March 2010)
Rating: 5
finally a vga cable for the Wii and one that works great! of course its 480p(which is bitter-sweet) not all gamecube games run in this mode but most
do. not bad at all for the price.kinda wish i waited a day for the new one that just came out,but this is good for me since i plan on getting a good
crt for this(most likey an arcade vga monitor).kudos to Vdigi on their products!